The basic philosophy of Miranda Aged Care Facility is to provide holistic, high quality health care in a happy and informal atmosphere and at the same time create a homelike environment and ensure that living conditions are clean, comfortable and private. This will enable our residents to retain their values, individuality and control of their life.

Our facility provides a good quality of life for our residents. We aim to uphold the dignity of each and every resident in our care. To this end, our health care is given with compassion, care, love and encouragement with every consideration for privacy, comfort and the independence of our residents.

Miranda Aged Care Facility provides:
Staff education and training in line with the 44 Standards required by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency. We have achieved all 44 Standards for full Three Year Accreditation.

We Aim:

  • To facilitate each resident in achieving the highest quality of life possible, by providing exemplary nursing care and giving relief from loss of physical health, social contact, independence and mental stability.
  • To establish and maintain approved facilities for the care, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and elderly persons, by developing and maintaining harmonious relationships with all staff, medical and other health professionals and collaborating with them in giving total care to our residents.
  • To efficiently and effectively provide quality service and to share our goals with all who are devoted to advancing their knowledge in the sphere of aged care.
  • To conduct nursing home affairs with integrity and honesty, rendering quality service at all times, maintaining a high standard of care and management of our Facility.
  • To promote and encourage residents' freedom of choice in their daily living and to respect them as individuals.
  • To encourage residents to maintain their friendships, manage or participate in management of their own financial affairs and maintain their obligations as citizens.
  • To encourage residents to practise their religious and cultural customs if they wish to do so, and we offer assistance that they may optimise their social independence.
  • To integrate and co-ordinate services as far as possible with other agencies, individuals and institutions involved in the delivery of health services in the local community.

Quality Statement
Miranda Aged Care Facility is committed to the provision of quality care and services in an effective, professional manner to all residents, relatives and staff.

Residents, relatives and visitors are invited to participate in our quality program through family conferences, resident/relative meetings or by filling in a suggestion form and leaving it with the Director of Nursing. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed as a vital part of our overall Continuous Quality Improvement Program.

Quality Objectives:

  • We provide professional, quality care to all our residents with a philosophy of continuous improvement by the implementation of a quality management system which is responsive to input from all stakeholders in our service.
  • We provide quality care responsive to their individual needs to assist residents to maintain their individuality and to promote their independence, so they can continue to enjoy life experiences in a secure and safe environment.
  • We encourage and support our staff in growth of their knowledge and skills and provide education and training for all staff. The education program reflects current practices and offers opportunities for personal and professional development and strives for best practice care.
  • We foster beneficial relationships with visitors and external service providers and encourage their participation in our continuous improvement activities.
  • We maintain our Three Year Accreditation under the Australian Aged Care Standards.
    • The proprietors and management in our ongoing commitment to quality provide the resources that are necessary to meet these objectives.

      We are committed to the provision of a quality system which will satisfy the requirements of the Australian Aged Care Standards Agency.